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We are farmers and city dwellers in transition

Vision: BBBFarming is born as an online platform for educating and promoting acroecology, responsible consumption, food sovereignity and social transformation.
Mission: we want to bring organic farmers (or those on the way towards agroecology) more close to their people in the cities, through our website, social networks and videostreaming. Moreover, the courses and events, organized by us or by te BBBFarmers themselves, will help slowly to create a community of producers and consumers who are in transition and practice mutual aid. Values: the BBBFarming community aims to place rurality in a strategical position, in face of the new postcapitalist scene which highlights the options of returning to the land, partaking in an environment friendly agriculture and livestock and producing food of proved quality and healthiness. They are needed not just to feed our stomach, but also our brains and hearts. BBBFaming is... A main portal offering news about BBBFarmers, as well as their programming, latest posts and video, most read... A free and open source, financed thanks to the sponsorship of more than 150 persons through goteo.org, our BBBPitarra and Rural tours and offline donation stands. Websites of the participating farmers and agroecological projects, with a descriptive profile, events, photo gallery and videos, some of them in streaming. Through their blogs, BBBFarmers will be able to tell you about their daily work in the fields, so that you can get acquainted with what rural life means. Moreover, thanks to the educational platorm, the BBBFarmers can offer distance or blended learning courses, to make things easier for the city dwellers preparing themselves to change their lives or who just want to sate their rural curiosity.