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The juicy and grassroots produced cherries from Jerte Valley are just perfect for any of this tasty recipes.
Half a million of cherrytrees in bloom dye the slopes of the Jerte Valley with white, and later green and red. The area produces yearly more than 20 tons of cherries.
At the Kirios de Adrada winery, Jesús Lázaro and Maite Perera have been producing organic wine for more than a decade now. Committed to the conservation of native grape varieties, they take care of their vineyards in a sustainable and environment fr


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Presentación "Badajoz para comérselo"

Reunión de primeros consumidores y productores de "Badajoz para comérselo". Conocer, intercambiar y disfrutar. Inscripción previa con esta encuesta.

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